Welcome To Alex Takton's Merch Store

Here is our brand new merchandise store freshly launched for our 2020 campaign. Alex has a knack for finding things that are interesting that he would like to share with people. So get ready for all of your personalized Alex Takton merch to show up here for sale. Check back often as we are always seeking to add to our offerings. 

Alex Takton Holographic Sticker

The Official Logo

For a limited time every order will receive this sweet Alex Takton holographic sticker. You can show your support for Wisconsin's greatest weed head by posting this somewhere catchy!

Other Stuff For Sale

Alex Takton's Official Metatainer
  • Alex Takton's Official Metatainer



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Pick a color any color we got colors for you to accessorize with. Get a different metatainer for each outfit you wear and be a stylish stoner. This grinder turned smell proof capsule will keep your nugs out of the noses of negativity!

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