Fall Video Game Classic

What's going on gamers? My bro Alex is such a huge gamer that he wanted to have his own video game tournament so here we are. You'll have to compete in 4 games and be better than avarage at all 4 to win Im sure. See the other pictures here for details on the games and scoring systems. 

Costs 20 bucks to play, admission is free so you can bring your friends with you to cheer you on to victory. The best gamer in the building wins a Nintendo Switch. Thanks for playing and we will see you all on Saturday! 

Contestants must register through Eventbrite and pay the fee on that site to enter. Once the 16 slots are gone so is your chance to enter. Do it now and bring your ID when you come to prove it's you aye? 

*****Must Be 21 To Enter*****


Check Back For More Details As They Evolve!

Click Image For Eventbrite Link

Click Image For Eventbrite Link

Fall Video Game Classic Promo Video