The Raw Cone Anthem

Here is the latest single from Wisconsin's Greatest Weed Head! Alex Takton is back with an ode to his favorite wrapping papers "Raw Cones." Alex pretty much buys the 900 pack of cones at a time. I think the box lasts a month or so. We love Raw Cones soooo MF much that we decided to call ourselves the "Raw Cone Pirates" The song was produced by Mike Regal and Godxilla. You can visit Al's website for more dope videos.

Tigoldbiddies The Remix

Featuring Too $hort & Rock Mack

Here is the latest video from Alex Takton "Tigoldbiddies." It features the Strip Club Kingpin Rock Mack and music legend Too $hort. Throw in a few of Milwaukee's baddest dancers and you have a strip club anthem. This joint was produced by the Great Lakes Raw Cone Pirate "Godxilla".

Alex Takton Featuring Big Mike and Godxilla - Superhero

This cover is lit ain't it?

This cover is lit ain't it?

Great Lakes Music is here! The second single from Alex's debut LP "Superhero" is here to bump for your summer. This track was produced by DJ Pain 1. It features down south legend O.G. Big Mike and the music production weapon known as Godxilla. The collaboration is rounded out with the vocals of Treva La Viva on the plash of sexy. Thanks again to Shawn Matthew for his help with the shoot and the camera. Enjoy the video, buy the album, stream the album, share the album, be the album yeaaaahhh.

Latest Music

Check out Al's music, as we put out new projects and videos we put the previous ones on this music page. That's how we keep it fresh and moving for you and you and you and you. 

Alex Takton Timeout Feat. Godxilla and Treva La Viva