Previous Releases

If you have been following us then you know that we create and release a lot of freakin music. I mean in the last 4 days alone I have made 24 beats, see what I mean. We love to show where we've come from and our catalogs tell the story of our lives. This page contains all of Alex's previous releases as well as the links to where you can download and stream them. 

Where There's Smoke There's Alex

Bars Bars Bars! Alex Takton is back baby with new music for the top of the year. Raw Cone Pirate Official music, Goat Music, Life Music, YOUR MUSIC. Download and stream today!

I Wanna Talk To Samson

Alex Takton is back at it again with a joint from his latest mixtape "Where There's Smoke There's Alex." Respect and Rest In Peace to the great Clarence Williams III who actually played Samson in the cult classic "Half Baked." If you listen to Alex's music you probably want to talk to Samson too. Like our videos and subscribe to our channel to be notified when more great content like this rears its maniacal head. Muh huh huh huh huh.

Alex Takton - Remember Me

Mequon's Most Wanted