Welcome To Alex Takton's Smoke Shop

Welcome to our smoke shop. Here you will find all manners of useful items to help you your allegiance to Alex, his music, and the chronic for the whole world to see. We got T-Shirts, Grinders, Botanical storage, and lighters, mainly herbal igniters, all real no smoke or wires, kief catchers to keep you higher than an X Wing Fighter ya dig!

Alex Takton AT5 Apparel

Shirts sweaters and more

If you love Alex and his music like we do then you'll definitely want to rock some official AT5 merchandise. Alex puts his brands on some interesting gear. You'll never have a hard time standing out with your official AT5 apparel. 

Alex Takton Holographic 420 Sticker

Alex Takton AT5 Merch

Puff Like A Pirate

For a limited time every order will receive this sweet Alex Takton holographic sticker. You can show your support for Wisconsin's greatest weed head by posting this somewhere catchy!